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the wannabe Second City of the UK. it's not even a third of the size of Birmingham, in fact it's not even the 3rd biggest city of the UK. it has 2 footy teams, with one wearing red and brainwashing little children to become glory hunters and not give a toss about their local team. it is officially the most violent city in the UK (even being nicknamed ''Gunchester'') has the highest ASBO rate in the UK. for some reason the government bums Manchester and gives them loadsa money to build some white elephant buildings (probs cuz their all glory hunters too) that the cultureless people will probably end up burning down. all mancs will talk like Liam Gallacher and end up in at least one bar-brawl a week, they'll scrounge off benefits and have at least 12 children who will end up breeding with eachother by the time they're 13 and spawn more ASBO babies. the capital city of Chav Land.
1) has no one bulldozed mnchester already

2) Manchester...the 2nd city of Greater Manchester

3) oh dear, we're nearing Manchester

4) Manchester....because the Devil wanted a hell on earth
by Adrian_18 November 12, 2005
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