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GRB is a large gang that is growing fast in brisbanes south side, they've been around my neighbor hood a lot of times it seems they own nearly everywhere, i go to the corner store theres 3 of them there, i go to get a video theres 2 in side, i go in kfc theres 6 in there, everyday there seems to be more and more of them, they usually wear green and white and are extremely dangerous ive been threatened by them a few times so ive learnt to stay out of their way and stay in at night. ive heard some of them talking about the "veteranos" called alex, calum and gescshke. ive heard a few nick names for them but i dont know who fits each one
Guy 1: This place smells like spray paint
Guy 2: yeah theres grb's tag over there in green and white, shit they're coming over here now lets hide!
by Adrian4103 June 13, 2007

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