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1. An element used in various video games, most notably the Final Fantasy series, as an attribute attatched to spells and abilities.
2 The bane of plants and zombies everywhere
"Use Magic Missle"
"No man, i'd much rather use Fire Flare of Fiery Finishing."
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
Best Sport Ever. Im sorry to all you baseball freaks out there, but for some reason I prefer beating some guy senseless to grabbing his ass. Thats just me tho, so, go have fun with your silly grabassing.
Lacrosse is indeed harder than baseball, and more entertaining
Anyone who says Lacrosse is gay just because girls play it in the UK needs to see a lacrosse stick...being swung at their head... and then pegged with lacrosse balls for a while. Those son'bitches hurt
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
THe stupidest word ever...ever invented.
opularized by the movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" this word still permeates our nation's youth in a sick...uhm...permeating manner.
No offence to the movie tho, i love that movie.
Harold and Kumar is Better tho
"dude wheres my car-obsessed guy": whoa dude, like, lets totally go hit up that totally shibby putt putt
"other guy": uhm sure why not but first. *hands 1st guy harol dnad kumar* watch this its better than DWMC
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
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