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PDF file is Internet slang for a paedophile. It relates to Adobe's Acrobat Reader software which saves documents as .pdf files

the word was originally used on the legendary Justus League Lawn forums
PDF file comment...

Kristina Fey - Holy Shit this is the hottest girl inthe world! I dont know about some of yall may be scared to speak up. If you dont think freakishly big asses are cute, just fat. Dont be afraid to stand up and say I like skinny chicks! Kristina Fey will not disappoint!
PS - Dont trip she is 18!!!


She don't have ''woman'' qualities physically. gotta agree with other folks that she does look young. Looks about 14 (not sayin' Doomsday252 is a PDF file or anythin')

aww, i'll just stop now.
by Adrian Glenn August 06, 2006
1) Someone who constantly acts like a clown and is slightly retarded.

2) A more politically correct alternative to mongole - a word related to the country of Mongolia

2) Also a small furry creature
1) Facey, give me back my watermelon you mongoose!

2) That mongoose is gonna get kicked outta school

3) Your mother's a mongoose!

by Adrian Glenn October 23, 2005
The nickname for the legendary football community forum member, The Concerned Potato Head aka TCPH aka Adrian Glenn. Tater is a reference to redneck slang for a potato.
1) Tater, you are most certainly, the daddy
2) Love me tenderly Tates
3) We all love yer Taters
by Adrian Glenn January 03, 2005
defined by Adrian Glenn of Birmingham, UK in 2003, the word marf is an alternative for the word ''retard''.
1) You're such a marf Facey!!!
2) Dude that is marfed up
3) You fat-headed marfenoid
by Adrian Glenn January 02, 2005
the word falay means to chop up with a knife
1)i'm gonna falay this piece of chicken.
2)i've falayed that piece of turkey momma.
3)i'm going to verbally falay you if you don't shut up,Senor Raul.
by Adrian Glenn January 22, 2005

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