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A plastic explosive that blows the shit out of everything.
Stfu or I'll C-4 your ass.
by Adrenaline September 03, 2005
What retards call a girl if they don't like them and have no fucking clue what they're talking about.
That girl in the center is a hermadite.
by Adrenaline November 14, 2004
another name for a bootycall. a girl who throws a fit because all you want is the sniz.
ashley was my snizzlefitz for about 2 months.
by adrenaline August 20, 2013
a worthless person who thinks theyre funny/humoruos by black mailing or ratting out another person to his fellow friends in an attempt to replace him or join the gang
- how come you out the gang?

- that fuckin giggle snitch ratted me out.
by Adrenaline June 24, 2004
little boy, with big pee pee.
"mother says my brother jonny is such a proto, although I dont know what that means.."
by Adrenaline September 03, 2003
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