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Melody the most amazing and beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She has brown eyes and black hair she's loving, caring, and has a heart of gold. Her beauty overpowers any girl, anywhere.

When you see here your breath shortens; your heart beats faster It’s like taking a drug, absorbing it through your skin. you get so high from her words, smile and actions.
her beauty inside and out is addictive she is capable of causing you the most pain.

Losing her is like being put in an enclosed room, alone with no relief anywhere, no help and only the smell of desperation, trying and failing to break free. It is as though she has given your heart a new sense, one of pain.

She is beautiful but yet lethal...thats Melody
Friend A - have you ever met a person you felt addicted to?

Friend B - yes, yes i have her name is Melody
by Admirer121 July 19, 2011

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