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Common phrase used to describe someone who lives in or originated from the village of Eyres Monsell, Leicestershire, UK. Usually around 5" 5' tall (5 foot 5 inches), slight forward slumping posture. Their accent is quite unique, with most words spoken ending in "arr", e.g. "lestdarr" and "how uh yarr" (the latter being rarely spoken).

Most commonly seen living in a house that could easily be condemned, with at least 7 children who sometimes have names but most of the time are referred to by a number, which gets tricky when they have more than 10 children as they run out of fingers to count on.

Residents are deemed outcasts from the area if they;
a) have no burnt out cars on their front garden, if they have a garden that is
b) have less than 5 children within 4 years
c) are over 50 years old
d) don't reek of piss at least six days a week
e) have in-date road tax on their 'car'

see also: Braunite
"you're such a Monsellite!"
"you smell like a Monsellite"
"blimey, she's got 9 kids.. must be a Monsellite"
"his car tax is overdue.. what a Monsellite"
by Adey August 08, 2004
The single word used to describe a person who originated from the city of Leicester, East Midlands, UK.

Proper "Leicesterites" have a very unique accent where spoken words nearly always end with "arr" or "ahh";
see also: monsellite, braunite and shiltonite - all derivatives of leicesterite

Very oftenly the words grammar and punctuation mean nothing, and spelling is seen as something you learn at university
"i'm from Lestdarr"
"'ow uh yarr"
"wot yu fukkin lukkin at yahh wankarr"
by Adey August 09, 2004

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