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3 definitions by AdeIzzle

Area in south London where the majority of black people go to buy their meat! And hair care products.

**You see how prostitutes hang round corners and things looking for sex....well in peckham..instead of prostitutes its people who will do your hair for money!**

**Little Miss Jocelyn Was Also set in peckham...as well as Desmond's**
Mum:Look After your brother and sister.

Me: Why?!?!?!

Mum: Me and Your dad need to go to peckham to get some meat.


Mum:Just look after them OK!!
by AdeIzzle June 10, 2008
Town/Place In West London where the majority of the population is Asian (indian/pakistan)
Also there are quite a few somalian people.

Kinda Stinks of curry
Southall Broadway is always traffic jammed
Boy: Where do you live?
Girl: I live in southall
Boy: OMFG how many asian people live there???
Girl: ¬_¬ All my neighbours are asian

**True Story**
by AdeIzzle January 16, 2008
A Mate That Sticks With You Through Thick And Thin, No Matter What
Boy:Why didnt you rat me out?
Mate:I not a grass, im youre mate
Boy:Youre a true mate
Girl:Omg i cant belive its true he has been 2timing
Matey:I told you, im your mate i dont lie
Girl Youre a true matey!!

by AdeIzzle January 21, 2008