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2 definitions by Addled Mind

Kind of like gaydar except instead of being able to tell if somebody is gay, straidar tells you that he/she straight even if he/she acts, looks, or talks as though he/she is gay.

It's the Heterosexual spidey-sense
Bob: Dude it seems like every time i'm near you my gaydar goes of the charts.

Rob: Don't worry Bob that's probably just your straidar.
by Addled Mind December 13, 2005
9 0
An improved name for the Flamin' Hot Cheetos snack. As you may guess, they are very cheesy and often quite hot, as evidenced by their orangish-red color. In the process of eating these crunchy bites of spicyness, your hands and/or lips will become quite red despite your best efforts.
Lester: What're you munchin' on there?
Chester: My snack-size bag of cheesin' hot flamos
by Addled Mind December 16, 2005
7 23