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a mashed vaginal region, common to females that love the penis insertion
joe's mrs's has a hairy half rotten apple.
joe licks his peanut porridge out of his mrs's half rotten apple.
man that chicks half rotten apple smells like trout
by Adamtotman September 11, 2006
When the eye of the skindog has been cheddered over with cheese.
When the skindog looks like it has conjunctivitis or mash potato at the end of him.
Smeg is around the end of the skindog.
An itchy infection of the skindog after a hard night of dry stroking the ant eater.
Joe has his own build in cheese factory, cheese dog.
I have pieces of cheese dripping out of my skindog, its now called a cheese dog.
When the helmet of the penis has been left outside the sleeping bag (foreskin) for too long and gets a crustified substance over the eye of the skin dog, cheese dog.
by Adamtotman September 05, 2006

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