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another term i made up like douchinator
same as douche bag
"shut up douche ass"
#douchinator #douche #ass #douche bag #doucheass
by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
a term i made up that i use on aim i first thought it up about 2 months ago now
its a joke on how ridiculous ROFL is and a play on the toy robo raptor
like with stupid shit like roflcopter
this is from my aim conversation with Jake when i first made it up we were jus comin up wit stupid ROFL stuff for tha show

Che1134 (5:00:57 PM): roflolz
ortegabomb (5:01:08 PM): uberoflolzcopter
Che1134 (5:02:03 PM): roflraptor
ortegabomb (5:04:36 PM): roflsubmarine
Che1134 (5:04:54 PM):uberroflolzmaocopterz
#rofl #raptor #roflraptor #illadventures #ill #adventures
by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
A term I invented back in 99
it means tha same thing as kick ass.
Also can be used in the past tense as in "that kicked dick"
Adam is walking into the sunset all badass
tha kid that Adam just helped fix his robocop action figure yells to him
KID:Hey mister, you kick ass
Adam stops, turns his head to him, and says
ADAM:"Your Wrong... I kick dick"
and Adam walks off with his badassitudeness

#kick dick #ill adventures #dick kicker #kicked dick #im gonna kick yo dick off
by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
another thing i made up since i cant afford a patent this is sort of my way of doing it this si probably my last definition too cuz i feel kinda dumb puttin it up
Che1134 (2:36:18 AM): but its tha dumbest name ever
ortegabomb (2:36:31 AM): ...
ortegabomb (2:36:36 AM): i thoughtchu liked it
Che1134 (2:36:41 AM): ROFLSHINANAGINS
ortegabomb (2:37:07 AM): haha
ortegabomb (2:37:12 AM): shinnanegans
#rofl shinanagins #roflshinanagins #rofl #roflraptor #raptor
by adam fukin menendez April 03, 2007
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