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Duuven (Mythical language of the mythical people of Duuve Island, who later settled across North America: literally "City of the Harvester," it is another word for Winnipeg (capital of Manitoba, Canada). Thought up by ARF 34, an unusual person from that city.
I am from Chavrästerdam, Chavrästerania (Manitoba). It is my hometown. It is cold in winter in Chavrästerdam. Chavrästerdam women are very beautiful.
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) December 24, 2004
When a man and woman have sex with the woman on top, one up-down cycle (bounce) is known as a cucunta. Often written as a sound effect. See also cuntaval.
"With rapid cucuntas she rode my cock."

"Cucunta, cucunta, cucunta - SQUIRT!"
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) December 24, 2004
The interval between cucuntas (bouncing repetitions during sexual intercourse).
She rode my cock very quickly and enthusiastically. The cuntaval was almost inexistent.
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) June 03, 2005
A Harriet Hurdell's is a drinking and/or dining establishment with unreasonably high prices. Invented in August 2002 in Minneapolis, MN by a visitor from Canada, seemingly without any logical reason
This place is a Harriet Hurdell's. Let's go somewhere else.
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) December 24, 2004
One who partakes of galling (q.v.), that is, who actively pursues the affections of females and who is a heterosexual male. The word can also be used as an exclamation, indicating fraternity or delight. Originally "girler," now considered archaic.
Arf's a good galler. He always gets the ladies' attention.


Galler! How's it going, buddy?
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) December 24, 2004
The pursuit of happiness with women among heterosexual men. This includes all activities from dancing with a woman to bedding down with her. One who partakes of this activity is a galler (q.v.). This word was my invention long ago. Originally written as "girling" (now considered archaic).
Let's go out galling tonight! I had a great galling time in Chicago - met lots of wild American girls!
by Adam Smith (Arf 34) December 24, 2004
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