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A drink similar to an Arnold Palmer, but made with different ingredients and using different proportions.

A "Jeff Chaveline" is a tall glass of Diet Coke with a splash of lemonade (or a few generous squeezes of lemon.)

See also: Bourbon Chaveline
"It sure did heat up out there for those last few holes. I could use a nice Jeff Chaveline

by Adam Nass August 08, 2006
A Grateful Dead (or other jam band) fan. Called a twirler due to their tendency to get all full of hallucinogens and "dance" by spinning around in a drug addled stupor.
Dude, we need to make our way towards the stage. This grassy knoll is all full of freaky twirlers. That hippychick got glitter in my eye!
by adam nass May 19, 2008
An alcoholic drink made from equal parts Kentucky Bourbon (preferably Jack Daniels) and Diet Coke with several generous squeezes of lemon juice. Derived from the Non-Alcoholic Drink called the "Jeff Chaveline."

See Jeff Chaveline
"I know most people here at The Derby will be drinking Mint Juleps, but I think I'll have a Bourbon Chaveline.
by Adam Nass August 08, 2006
An exclamation made by someone who thinks they have just done something really, really cool but in reality, they are just overexcited.
Ba Ba Booie Ya, just caught me a camel spider! I'm gonna feed it to my pet lizard, Goliath. He's so frisky.
by Adam Nass October 01, 2009
Similar to Proud Meat, except instead of your own hands, the hands are those of an alter boy.
"Holy Proud Meat, your hands sure do make my priestly scepter look big, young man."
by Adam Nass September 07, 2007
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