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a slower-pace, sad, finnish version of the latin tango. first seen by american eyes on '60 Minutes'
man, my grandma made my dad by doing the finnish tango with my grandpa.
by Adam McD May 18, 2003
whoever thought of and/or uses this word
spermsuckingfudgepacker is a spermsuckingfudgepacking word
by Adam McD May 18, 2003
The Hollywood inolves ejeculating into one's hand, slapping a woman(s) in the face with said cum-hand, and promptly leaving the vicinity. Best used when a gal begs to be came on, and won't let go of the subject.
Woman: "Oh my god come on my face come on my face come on my face.."
Man: "Ok...here's 'The Hollywood'"
by adam mcd October 20, 2005
a mass market of various objects to sell for fun to see if people will actually buy them. once harbored kidneys and bridges, but i guess someone got mad.
Bono's semen and pair of shoes! kick ass shopping at ebay!
by Adam McD July 18, 2003
when you've have been 'making love to a pretty woman' (fucken a bitch) for more than 50 minutes.
Man-Dude, i was banging her till dawn
Friend-Nah, no way
Man-Lemme tell you, i was 'all over it' last night
Friend-hope you used a condomd
by Adam McD July 18, 2003
any type of object or idea used to exchange to another for something else.
since money is big and powerful, the idea of central banking killed lincol and JFK
by Adam McD May 18, 2003
1. A country that was a decent tourist hot-spot that turned to being corrupt and not listening to international laws under Qaddafi's rule (imagine Canada ran by Islams). It's on America's shitlist (meaning it's fucked economically) but the country has reformed by getting rid of their illegal weapons and whatnot.

2. Confused for the meat on the vagina, the labia.
1. Lybia is rich in history, and oddly enough, the dictator Qaddafi suppourted tourism from the West; something not seen in dictatorships.

2. Winch: T-Bone, pay the bills or you won't be seeing this labia anytime soon.
T-Bone: Trifling ho..
by adam mcd October 06, 2004
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