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4 definitions by Adam Hussey

How 75% of Urban Dictionary's are created.
I should be doing my History Review right now but I decided to procrastinate.
by Adam Hussey May 26, 2008
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a mini ghetto in one building. the only people who go through a public school without getting the shit beat out of them once are nerds.
Fuck you fhn. how the hell do people avoid putting the definition in the example? public school
by adam hussey November 07, 2006
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1. i chick i would totaly fuck

2. an amazing singer
dude have you seen JoJo? SCHWING
by Adam Hussey September 04, 2006
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a useless acronym used when you don't want to sound mad or uninterested.
friend: wanna go to mcdonalds?
you: no
friend: you suck


friend: wanna go to mcdonalds?
you: lol, no
friend: why?
(no conflict)
by Adam Hussey December 15, 2013
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