13 definitions by Adam Hobbs

The feeling that arises when the unexpected happens. Shocked.
I was uphailed when the dog ran in front of my car.
by Adam Hobbs August 02, 2008
To have extreme hunger, the act of being hunger. A state inwhich you must satisfy you hunger pangs.
I have eaten all day, I have "mad hunger skills".
by Adam Hobbs October 06, 2009
Uninhibited, free of all restraints.
The man's speech was unaggated and you could clearly tell his point of view.
by Adam Hobbs October 07, 2009
A question following a statement. An assurance of the statement it follows. Commonly used in Canada.
Molson beer is good, aye?
by Adam Hobbs May 14, 2008
Musicians who see themselves and big rockstars, but are actual douches (Fall Out Boy).
Pete Wentz is such a rocktard!!
by Adam Hobbs January 09, 2010
A word used to fill an awkward silence in an uncomfortable situation.
Girl: Your hot, wanna make whoopy?
Guy: ................salad
by Adam Hobbs May 14, 2008

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