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a single cigarette that you buy from a store clerk for a minimal price. (rather than buying a whole pack of cigarettes)
i was broke as shit so i bought a loosey from the clerk.
by Adam Gray November 17, 2006
When one urinates into a bottle during a long road-trip and then proceeds to throw the bottle out the window of the moving vehicle. Like when a trucker needs to make good time and doesn't want to make a pit-stop.
The semi driver was running behind so he made a quick trucker bomb to catch up on the schedule.
"I really had to piss but i was late to so i made me a trucker bomb"
by Adam Gray November 17, 2006
A girl that only looks good from about 30 yards away, when she gets close she is no good. A person who is ugly any closer than thirty yards away
Yeah she looked hot from far, but turns out she was just a pitching wedge.
by Adam Gray November 17, 2006
When one gets high on marijuana and proceeds to receive a Hand-job from another person
The hooker told me it would be 15 bucks for a hand job but 25 for a z-jay.
After we got back from the party my girl gave me a solid z-jay.
by Adam Gray November 17, 2006

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