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2 definitions by Adam FJ & Chris W

Lyrics made up on the spot using the theme tune of Wayne's World. ( "Wayne's World. Party time, excellent!")
Adam: "Hey man, let's Wayne's World Freestyle!"

Chris: "Let's Do it!"

Adam: "It's Home time, time to go, with the flow, let's go. Party time, excellent!"

Chris: "Ten Thirty, hit the loo, break time poo, curry sauce, from the exhaust, party time, excellent!"
by Adam FJ & Chris W January 31, 2008
A definition used when an employee who works on a flexible basis, 'clocking' in and out to make up their required hours, purposely leaves their clock on to have a poo.
"I'm holding it in until 5.00pm, so I can have a Flexi-Poo."
by Adam FJ & Chris W January 31, 2008