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4 definitions by Adam DeFeather

Fun way to say 8:00.
SALLY: Hey, Sarah, what time are you and Jeff going out for dinner?

SARAH: Ate-a-cock.
by Adam DeFeather August 18, 2006
19 4
Beans, beans, the musical fruit,
The more you eat, the more you toot,
The more you toot, the better you feel,
so why not beans for EVERY meal?

"Beans, beans" by Ann Ominous
by Adam DeFeather August 17, 2006
13 3
Nombie, being a "head-bashed Zombie", can also refer to, in reality, a person who is somewhat dim-witted, slow, or possibly takes thing too literally, doesn't get jokes, etc.
We were trying to explain the concept to Dingledorf, but, he just didn't get it. After 2 hours, we gave up. We started cracking jokes about him after that, in his presence, but it was cool, because he didn't get that either! What a Nombie!!!
by Adam DeFeather August 16, 2006
14 15
Mr. ED = "Mr. Erectile Dysfunction" = a guy who can't get it up.
Brother & Sister having lunch at college:

BROTHER: So, sis, I see you went out with Dick Senormous last night. I have gym with that dude, and his pecker head hangs down below the bottom of his towel. So, did you get any action?

SISTER: He tried, but, he's Mr. ED bro'; his pecker head hung DOWN to his knees all night long. I think he needs a penis reduction. I don't think there's enough blood in his body to get that thing up!
by Adam DeFeather August 17, 2006
8 13