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Used when killing someone on Halo 2 On XboxLive. The repeating of siting down then standing up on the dead body also known as a "teebag" until happy with results.(Also can be used as a group of people)
"The other day my friend and I owned PHV Overlord so then I so then we proceeded to do the halo dance."
by Actualcarrot July 12, 2006
Used when the girl and you are ever going to see her again. The next day is still sleeping and your "ready to go again" so you sneak it and take it nice and slow to prevent from waking up the lady then you leave the message on the door.
"The other day I woke up beside this girl and when I was at my friends place so I had some fun and left my calling card, YOU'VE BEEN POKED."
by Actualcarrot July 12, 2006
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