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Cock pushups is when you fucking lay down flat on the ground,
And you let your boner lift you up, off the ground.
Guy 1:Do you think this album will make us more successful with the ladies?
JB: Yeah, Iv'e been getting ready,Iv'e been doing cock pushups
by ActionDan February 09, 2007
1.pimpcans are the canes that pimps usually walk around with.Pimp cans are usually tackier than normal old man canes.

2.A fly set of ear phones
1.Don't make me smack you with my pimp cans bitch!

2. jeff:Damn son, those are some nice pimp cans
Brad:yeah kid, the new sony models bitch!
by ActionDan October 22, 2007
Fruit Fu is a martial art that uses fruit and other produce as weapons
Fruit Fu Master: Haha, I attack you by smashing a watermelon on your head

and squirting lemons into your eyes

Victim: arghhhh, that stings!

Fruit Fu master: submit or else i will break out my celery nunchucks.
by ActionDan September 23, 2010

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