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2 definitions by Acidcantdie

Where 1 person (usually a man) litterally FUCKS another person (usually a woman but you can never be sure) in the face.

He does this by shoving his penis into the womans mouth so basically its 80% blow job 20% fucking
I was bored so i fucked my dogs face

I feel like face fucking a sheep

My girlfriend is so hot so I knocked her out and face fucked her
by Acidcantdie March 30, 2005
327 189
A game you can play on runescape. The aim of the game is to steal the other teams flags while the other people chop the shit out of eachother VERY FUN :D
Noob1: Im going to play castle wars
Noob2: Fuck me
Noob1: Fuck me harder
Noob2: Dud this is pointless
by Acidcantdie March 28, 2005
36 17