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First name of lead singer for "Guns N' Roses", Axl Rose.

Slang for oral sex because "Axl Rose" rearranged can become "Oral Sex"
Hello my name is Axl Rose. I enjoy Axl Rose while looking at Axl Rose and listening to Axl Rose.

Interpret that how you wish.
by Ace Mulato October 08, 2005
1. Appears at first glance to be a regular "y", but upon closer inspection it contains to dots above it, which is not usual for a y in the english language. These dots give the appearance that it is somehow a deranged smiley face with it's lip hanging far below where its mouth ends.

2. The final definition on Urban Dictionary.
It is impossible to pronounce "ÿ" without first cutting out your tongue and eating hot coals.
by Ace Mulato April 16, 2006
When a gay, and a woman with a bung eye (possibly a lesbian) assume a relationship as to divert peoples attention to their sexuality. Regularly in play with people ashamed of themselves, and men who spend too much time wearing womens glasses...

See also Biclops
Guy #1: Did you hear? Queer eye is fighting!
Guy #2: Day'm
Guy #1: Yeah I know! Could this be the final episode of Queereye?
Guy #2: I want that piece of ass...
Guy #1: WHAT?!
by Ace Mulato May 07, 2005
When a large pair of breasts are crooked. Usually very obvious, especially to some male parties. Makes you want to put your head on a slant. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. It's the will of God.
Guy #1: Wow, it just looks like Lopsy won 1st and 3rd in a wet T-shirt competition!!!
by Ace Mulato November 11, 2005
When you have an urge to look at snuff porn. Common among Asians and the like.
Guy #1: Hey Ling Tow, whats the matter?
Ling Tow: I've got the snuffles
*Guy #1 jumps out window and calls the cops*
by Ace Mulato October 08, 2005
Plural form of the word slut. Many-a-slut's to be seen.
Look, bra, it's a slaggle of sluts.

Yeah, that's a whole bunch of sleets.
by Ace Mulato February 24, 2006
Noun - Not of being one, but two. When people with lazy eyes and bi-sexuals live in peace, regularly crossing the line between straight, friendly hugs to lesbianic activity.

See also Queereye
Guy #1: Yo, dude, check out that bi-clops, they is totally lookin' for some puss-ay
Guy #2: That bung eyes kinda a turn off though
Guy #1: Yeah, but I'd root salt... CH'MON
by Ace Mulato May 06, 2005

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