2 definitions by Accordianne

1. (n.) A man of 50 or more years who tries to recapture his former virility, potency, and attractiveness by working overly hard to impress the opposite sex by using hip, cool, and or suggestive speech, movements, or mannerisms.

2. (n) an aging playboy
Denise tried for hours to extricate herself from the attentions of the Viagran who pestered her all during the party.

A Viagran slithered up to a group of girls and started to tell them dirty jokes.
by Accordianne February 05, 2010
1. n. A person who has such a low opinion of him/her self that he/she is afraid to express ideas, opinions, or even to talk to others for fear of making a fool of him/herself.

2. A person who apologizes for everything that he/she does.
Cathie is such an egophobe that she practically apologizes for being alive.

Maria has good ideas, but the fact that she is an egophobe keeps her from voicing them in staff meetings.

egophobic (adj.) egophobically (adv.) egophobia (n)
by Accordianne February 05, 2010

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