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The winner of a bi-annual (one for each cheek) U.S. competition that judges women on the thickness of their build mainly the rear central portion; the thickest girl on the block; a women whose full figured body is a direct result of the nutritious high protein diet from which she was raised, most commonly consisting of chicken, potatoes and corn
Damn girl, you should be in the Misses Nutritious America pageant with all dat junk in da trunk.

And the winner of the 2001 Misses Nutritious America Pageant is... Jennifer Lopez!

Man, she's way to skinny. If they don't at least get a mention in the Misses Nutritious America pageant I'm not going near it.
#ghetto booty #nutritious #nutrients #booty #big #thick #girl #ba donk a donk #ba dunk a dunk #junk in the trunk #thick girl #donkey #donk #shelf
by Abstract Rapper June 22, 2009
A general term for a frozen potato; processed frozen potato products; frozen french fries, tater tots or hash browns most commonly available in two to five pound bags.
Yo, defrost some of those oreidas before the ladies get here.

Man, do you have gas? It smells like oreidas in here.

Darnit! We're out of tapatio. What am I gonna put on my oreidas?
#food #potato #potatoes #tater tots #french fries #hash browns
by Abstract Rapper June 22, 2009
Used to describe a rapper with the greatest of skills; a flowing, creative and highly skilled and refined hardcore rhyme; a hip hop artist that is or will be as good and as famous as chicken and orange juice
Yo dude, that lyric was chicken and orange juice.

Wow! That was a great rap song. It was like chicken and orange juice man.

You chicken and orange juice wit freestyles like those.
#rap #freestyle #hip hop #rhymes #lyrics
by Abstract Rapper June 22, 2009
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