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What pseudoscientists, cranks and charlatans use to "prove" their self-indulgent theories.
The nutjob used mathturbation to show that the Bible contains an encrypted message warning of the September 11th attacks.
by AbnormalBoy December 02, 2004
Being an inferior substitute or alternative.
The show "Mad TV" is an ersatz "Saturday Night Live".
by AbnormalBoy May 07, 2004
A word or phrase with two interpretations, one of which is ribald.
Dr. Evil: By "Caliber", I mean both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their character...it's a homonym.

Number Two: No, Dr. Evil. It's called a "double entendre".


(Number Two falls into a firy pit)

Number Two: AAAHHHHHH!!!
by AbnormalBoy April 20, 2005
Americanized Mexican girl who does not speak Spanish.
When I visited my cousins in Monterrey, my dad had to translate for me. They think I'm a spoiled pocha princess.
by AbnormalBoy April 20, 2005
A phrase used to invite someone to have your hand (usually placed waist-high and palm-up) to be slapped.
"Slip me some skin, Bro!" *slap*
"Ain't no thang!"
by AbnormalBoy November 17, 2004
Someone who believes everything about the internet should be free.
"You think the government should fund a program to provide free high-speed internet access to everyone? What are you, a dot communist?"
by AbnormalBoy May 27, 2004
Outdated version of the BASIC programming language which came packaged with Windows version 3.1.

The language provided an easy way to create graphics, though limited to 4-bit colors and 640 by 480 resolution.

Although the "Q" stood for "quick" the only thing quick thing about QBASIC was the time to program. The language was interpreted, rather than compiled, severely retarding program execution speed.

The language is still adequate for novice programmers. However, learners who master the basics of QBASICS should graduate to Visual Basic, a much more flexible and faster language that inherited much of QBASIC's syntax.
"I've learned to program graphics with QBASIC but, finding the language too limited, made the easy transition to Visual Basic."
by AbnormalBoy April 19, 2004

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