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Instead of truly being sorry about something, your actually mocking or making fun of the other individual!
Andy: Dude, Derek... I think I might be gay!
Derek: Sorry bout it!


Derek: Hey Andy, did you see that nasty chick I hooked up with?
Andy: Yea... Sorry bout that!
by Abizzle February 08, 2006
A squirrel of the "Gangsta" variety.

(As created by Abby and Bridget circa October 2005)
Yea dat's me, tinted out ridin' durrty - comin' down ya street
I'm a (Squanksta squanksta), Git triggas squeez'd up!
Got fitty killas with me, Strap'd down - G's up!!
Cuz I'm a (Squanksta squanksta), Yea top of the list
BME motherfucker - Git cha mind right bitch!
by Abizzle January 20, 2008

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