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Someone who is so amazing and incredible that no known adjective can describe them. This word is used when you are so happy with someone, that you can't even think of a word to call them.
Man, my girlfriend Abigail is soooo magnifantastic! she just makes me so happy all the time, and is just such an amazing person.

Abigail you're....whats the word? MAGNIFANTASTIC!! I can't believe how awesome you are!
by Abix forever June 23, 2011
Have sex. Don't ask, just do it, it works i promise.

Ps. Masturbating does not work, have sex.
uhhhhh, honey, i have so much pressure in my sinuses! time for some good ole fashion sinus relief!
by Abix forever August 06, 2011
Something that is extremely ridiculous or silly. Used when something is so ridiculously stupid that you have to say something stupid to describe it. Usually used with people you now very well so you don't look crazy.

How the saying was formed:

riDICulous --> riCOCKulous --> recockly --> recockly broccoli (cause it rhymes ;) )
Wow, you're making a parody of "swagger wagon" called "shaggin wagin" ? that's recockly broccoli!
by Abix forever August 07, 2011
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