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This word is from Indian language Marathi. Not very indecent but used for a person who is crazy or crook. This word is actually a combination of two words Yed = mad, Zawane = to fuck. Generally used to describe when some one does extreme act.
He will come although its 2 in night, this guy is "yedzawa".
by Abhiram September 09, 2005
Chyut is a Hindi word for Cunt. This word is used more often in Indian continent. Chyutya means fool.
"Chyutya, i asked you to get a litre only you brought a gallon"
by Abhiram September 09, 2005
The IT professionals in India use this add join to any word. Mostly to indicate the maximum limit of fun etc. This can be attached to the word which indicates the activity and you did it fullest
"so you all got together and did what?", "Ohh .... it was only fun dot come"
Can also be used for "thanks" "thanks dot com" .... many thanks "thanks bigger dot com"
by Abhiram September 25, 2005
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