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3 definitions by Abe Nugent

Stuff you do behind a shed; esp. eating a girl out, pissing, and laughing at people eating a girl out.
Man, that one kid tries to say he doesn't like blow jobs cuz they are nasty, but he shouldn't be judging after that shed shit.
by Abe Nugent October 22, 2007
A cross between fantastic and testicular cancer that will catch people by surprise when they are expecting a nice FANTASTIC but instead end up with a devastating form of cancer.
Man that quiz was fantastic-ular cancer....HAH I TOTALLY GOT YOU.
by Abe Nugent October 22, 2007
A sneaky way to say gay niggers
That fanboy sure says ginnigess a lot. He must be one of them.
by Abe Nugent October 22, 2007