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A combination of breakfast and dinner, much like 'brunch' (breakfast and lunch). A classic example of brenner is Bacon and ice cream.
"Yesterday i had chicken and waffles"

"DAMN DAAWWWG!! You got Brenner!"
by Aaron_B April 16, 2008
One who has no regard for their sexual orientation, and therefore seeks any available 'hole'
"That dude was coming on to you!"

"Yeh, he's definately a hole hunter!"
by Aaron_B February 27, 2008
when a male inserts their penis, unintentionally into the wrong 'hole' of a female, usually in the doggy style position and/or in a poor light room.
"Last night i was going at it and slipped it in the wrongholio"
by Aaron_B November 20, 2007

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