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2 definitions by Aaron Lightner

An accurate description of virtually anyone currently pursuing a Liberal Arts degree at Yale, Harvard, or Stanford without regard to merit due to rampant grade inflation at those educational institutions.
Rich Mom: "My Daugter Susan is a Straight "A" Student at Harvard. We are so proud of her."

Middle Class Mom: "Stop Bragging. Your Alumni husband is paying $50,000 per year so that your daughter can study medieval art and smoke weed every day. She is a Straight "A" Student just like everyone else at Harvard."
by Aaron Lightner May 04, 2011
The action of sucking a large penis so forcefully that an involunary sound emerges from the throat reminiscent of a quacking duck
Damn bro, check out Jenna Jameson donald ducking that monster cock. If you weren't looking at the screen you would think the Disney Channel was on!
by Aaron Lightner November 20, 2010