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4 definitions by Aaron L. M. Goodwin

To have a brief one night relationship involving only holding hands with a partner. See NCHH, NCMO, and One Night Stand.
I'm not a bimbo; all I want is a plain and simpple one night handstand!
by Aaron L. M. Goodwin July 16, 2005
A tangent that you plan ahead of time in case conversation becomes odd.
"Jake started talking about his ex-girlfriend so I said, 'hey, have you heard about that new movie called ex-girlfriend?' Yeah, it was an awesome plangent."
by Aaron L. M. Goodwin August 11, 2005
Non-Committal Hand Holding, to hold hands with a partner for a short period, resolving not to become attached for the purpose of feeling affection. See One Night Hand Stand
Hey Ash, you up for some NCHH tonight?
by Aaron L. M. Goodwin July 16, 2005
Gay Best Friend.

A friend of the opposite gender that you will never have a relationship with; you treat them as though they were gay.
"I really like Sara, but I'm afraid I'm her GBF."
by Aaron L. M. Goodwin August 14, 2006