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4 definitions by Aaron Cooper

A term used to describe a male with a large penis.
Kendall is well hung likea donkey!
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
180 64
One who engages in anal sex for the purpose of squashing bits of fecal matter with the penis. Note: The recipient should not wipe for several days before engaging in this activity.
We have a bean squasher in the family!
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
9 5
1. A derogatory term for a woman. Some people consider this the most offensive word in the English language.
2. An acronym for "can't understand normal thinking". A woman who can't understand normal thinking.
Alyssa is a fucking cunt.
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
13 10
A pimple or boil located on the anus. Some people really get off on popping them.
Robbie loves to pop his anus pusbubbles.
by Aaron Cooper May 28, 2005
7 15