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The mass closure of small business in a city or town caused by Wal-Mart setting up shop there
Many small businesses have closed across America because of the Wal-Mart effect.
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion November 01, 2008
NASCAR fans who support driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Junior Nation is perhaps the most loyal group of fans in NASCAR.
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion October 23, 2008
Anybody who thinks that abortion should be illegal.

See: Right-Wing Sarah Palin
Those damn right-wing palinist assholes don't comprehend Roe v. Wade at all.
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion October 23, 2008
The proper short-form term for the United States of America. "America", in its proper definition, is defined as the continents of North America and South America combined.
"America" is two continents, not the United States. If "United States" is too hard for you to pronounce, use "Usonia".
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion August 22, 2009
CBS affiliate out of Champaign, Illinois.

Noteworthy for having news programs with a pro-Chief bias during the Chief Illinwek controversy.
WCIA-TV is more "hostile and abusive" than Chief Illiniwek.
by Aaron, Earl of Vermilion December 02, 2008
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