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A Habitual user of Marijuana, usually to the point where it interferes with work, family, and school. Pot heads are known for their laid-back attitude, bad memory, encyclopedic knowledge of junkfood, and facination with shiny objects.

Pot heads should not be confused with occasional smokers who are still able to function and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations.
Laughing + Junk Food + Red Eyes + 24/7 = POT HEAD
by AZ-Dawg April 23, 2006
A Pepper pocket is a small pocket built into the larger kangaroo pocket of a hoodie sweat shirt. The pocket has a small zipper on it to keep items secure. This way skate boarders or sports players wearing a hoodie can keep things in the pocket with out them falling out the side. Pepper pockets are usually hidden which can make them vary easy to smuggle things in as someone who may check you would only check the regular kangaroo pocket and not the pepper pocket. pepper pockets are only included in certain brands of hoodies with really deep kangaroo pockets.
I wish I could shrink you down and put you in my pepper pocket.
by AZ-Dawg August 10, 2005

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