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When an Asian man and white woman are in a romantic relationship. This is very rare, much like the bird it is named after.
Did you hear Chin and Jessica are dating? We have a California condor on our hands!
by Aybabtu October 29, 2013
The most retarded show on Nickelodeon so far (though there is some fierce competition in that area recently). The show is an eight-year-old's perspective on teenage life. "It takes place entirely inside a gigantic shopping mall" and is about "minimum wages and maximum laughs."

The main characters are as follows:
Jonesy Garcia- The hispanic manwhore. Enough said.
Jen Marsterson- The tomboy who can "beat any boy at sports." Nickelodeon wouldn't want to be attacked by feminists, now would it?
Nikki Wong- The "punk rock" girl who supposedly hates preps, and yet she hangs around with them. Hmmm...
Caitlin Cooke- See spoiled and ditz.
Wyatt Williams- The only black kid who, "doesn't mind being different or uncool" because he doesn't spend all day partying.
Jude Lisowksy- A skateboarder with short term memory loss who cannot say a sentence without the word "dude."

Note- Quotation marks used to show quotes from Nick.com's own description of the show.

Caitlin- "Oh my god Nikki let's go shop at, like, Albertross and Finch!"
Nikki- "You're so stupid and trendy. But I'll go anyway."
Jude- "Sweet, dude"

Nick Producers- "6Teen is a hit lol!!!!!1111oneone"
by AYBABTU March 19, 2006

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