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When a slampiece spends the night with her frat-daddy in his cold-air. Usually does the walk of shame home in at least one article of his clothing.
Girl 1: Hey where were you last night? I didn't see you in your bed.

Girl 2: I was shacking with my frat-daddy!
by AXO Princess January 05, 2011
In The Bond.

Most commonly used on the popular greek community website TotalFratMove.com
Itb. Rep it til I die. Named my dog after a special drink. Sweet berry wine homos. Itb. Born proud raised proud. TFM.
by AXO Princess January 05, 2011
Chelle is a sarcastic, loud, protective goddess with a wrath like the sea. Derived from the name Michelle which means ‘Like God.’ Chelle's command respect and are generally worshiped incessantly and pampered like a queen. Chelle's are easily entertained and often play hide and seek while drinking adult beverages. Favorite hiding places often include closets, cabinets, pantries, and bathtubs.
Have you met that girl Chelle yet?

Yeah! She kinda seems like a bitch, but I can't not like her!
by AXO Princess January 05, 2011

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