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Hey. fuck you. anyway, as a girl here in town, i know we party rock HARD and have fun all day. but as much as we party we study.. And ya, we pee on slides and set playgrounds afire, but i did say we were ghetto. deal with it. and, if your not form pequannock and reading this, you KNOW we are better than you. and we hate jersey shore. we hope snooki falls in a hole, catches on fire while pregnant ( you know she is with those fat flabs) and dies a slow painful death. and poufs are FUGLY! but we are fun. and sexy. yea, we are better than you, so fuck you. and if you visit friendly's at 3 on a friday, you shall be visited by the cooler, smarter, sexier, more popular half of the 7th grade. if you go to the back the middle school, you will be confronted by " in love " 8th graders making out. to find the 6th graders, you must stalk them to their houses and find them studying in their room, hopeless and lonley. to find highschoolers, go to the highschool. thye stay for like an hour, becuase they either love school, or are they are such hot shit by chilling with their teachers. our homes are big. we got home gyms and shit. we aint poor, we aint dead either. so love us. we have fun. Panter rule, and everyone goes to games. even if people get beat under the bleachers. or you may find a mix of children making out under the bleachers. interupting them is more fun than people getting beaten. so that sums up pequannock. if you have questions, fuck you. what else could you wanna know?
Wow, dem girls from Pequannock are some hot shit.

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