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2 definitions by AWESOMERJNM

A kosher alcoholic beverage consisting of 3 specific kosher liquors: STOLICHNAYA blueberry vodka, DEKYPUR Blue Curacao and SAUZA Blue Tequila. This "shot" is served in equal parts over ice, in a highball glass. It is garnished with a floating blue crayon. (It is acceptable, in small bars and homes only, with these tough economic times to chop up the crayon and put a few pieces in the drink.)
I was so hammered last night! Every frame I lost in bowling, I was forced to do a shot of Smurf Spunk! After about 7 of them I lost track, and somehow I thought it'd be funny if I stuck one of the crayons up my ass!
by AWESOMERJNM July 28, 2011
When someone (usually a male in a homosexual encounter) farts on the tosser's face while tossing their salad and ends up spraying a tiny splatter of shit in a random freckle like pattern.
While eating some dude's ass in the back of a truck in Las Vegas while my other friends were partying, the big black king farted right on my face and gave me a Spotted Smurf! I love farting! I love poop! I love having big black cock rammed into my ass! I'm a happy Jewish homosexual!
by AWESOMERJNM July 28, 2011