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5 years untill we will are forced to the oceans by robots and learn to breath underwater.
Jesus christ, the robots are making us leave dry ground!!!!

OMG, Im living in the ocean! Good thing its 2009 and we can breath underwater!!!

robots*Vizzzzt veeeeerrrrt buuzzzt /robots
by AW4G63 January 14, 2004
a gaint tool of the DSMworld. He should drive a corrola with a 7 foot wing. That would be suiting. He is owned by AW4G63 in the land of the forums and is constantly reminded of this.

See: Buttpirate, jock swinger, Jamie Ab., Dsmlife , AW4G63s fan club
Aw4G63 Man that kid in my fan club is nuts, he tried to capture me in a giant glass jar! /Aw4g63
by AW4G63 December 04, 2003

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