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...all message boards where people are rude and inconsiderate of other's feelings {which is most especially the AOL boards.}

Rebublicans/Conservatives/Righties constantly putting down Democrats/Liberals/Lefties and vice versa...Religious people constantly going at the "secularists" and the "secularist" calling them "fanatics".

...and musn't forget people arguing about Al Gore.
"I see your religious fanaticism has taught you well to live in your own little world of fear and trepidation and pass on this message to all of your fellow proselytes of gloom and doom. Shouldn't you as a so called Christian be opening up borders to all human beings on this planet. Instead you preach doom and gloom.That is what is wrong with religion. Do as I preach, not as I do."

...hard to believe all that was over a fence, huh?

I really do hate this shithole. LOL
by ASuiGeneris1@aol.com May 22, 2008

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