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1)similar to smexy but with an H
2) more than just sexy
3) Slang For Sexy
oooh Dahmn That boy is soo Smexy!!!
Naw girl. He's Shmexy!!!
by ASLN!!!! April 10, 2007
A group of Middle school girls in a club who enjoy manga, anime and Japaneese pop culture. Most of them are in love with the popular Fruits Basket Charachter, Kyo
Ellen: Oh my God! Did you see what Kerry gave me for Christmas!?!?!?!?
Katherine: She gave you a poster of Kyo too?!?!?! AGH I LOVE KYO SO MUCH!!!!
Ellen: He's so Dreamy! I just want to hug him!
Katerine: But then he'll turn into a cat!!!

A good idea for the next OniGuri club discussion: How the rest of the world can live with you people.
by ASLN!!!! April 10, 2007
1)a substitute used for the term "hmm..." not alwas used my males. sometimes used by females.

2) abbr. for Hate (then a person's name with the intitals RM..often used by middle school girls)
word Hate can also be substituted as Hot
I HRM!!!!! He's a loser.

Did you see that HRM walk by?

Guy1234: Do you like me
Girl5678: hrm...
by ASLN!!!! April 12, 2007
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