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3 definitions by ASFalcon13

An acronym used by students at what are considered to be high-pressure instutions, including, but not limited to, MIT and the various military academies. Historically, the acronym stands for "I Hate This Fucking Place." However, a large number of backronyms have been applied to the term in recent years, the most notable including "I Have Truly Found Paradise," "I'm Here To Fly Planes," and "Ingeneous Hacks To Fascinate People." A long list of these more recent meanings can be found at
IHTFP: I Hate This Fucking Place
by ASFalcon13 February 08, 2006
60 31
Daring, cocky. Related to "having brass balls."
Man, punching that bouncer in the face was pretty ballsaic. Too bad he kicked your ass for doing it.
by ASFalcon13 December 23, 2005
4 1
n. The most important and influential band to come out of the Austin music scene in recent memory. They combine elements of punk, classic rock, and mariachi into something that can only be described as a funked-out, awe-inspiring assault on the senses.
"Do you"
"Do you like...rock 'n' roll?"
"Do you like...anilingus?"
by ASFalcon13 March 17, 2004
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