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Someone with gigantic nuts.
A guy who has balls the size of an elephants. (your DAD)
by as May 17, 2004
of or relating to something that is of low quality due to it's geeky nature
those people over in the students union are gimp ass
by as December 01, 2003
Large oversized lesbian who loves girls with russian names run around with their thongs showing and their shorts rolled up to their necks.
"Time for Eskimo Kickball!"
by AS December 09, 2003
When some lame website lets any fag type whatever they please and the website gets way to full and you cant find anything
yo dawg, www.urban**********.com is way too full I cant find a thing.
by as December 08, 2003
A wonderful city, that people on this site would never understand because they are too hurting to have any actual fun.
Vegas is great, pussy and money all the time!
by as August 12, 2004
Once known as ugly lesbian shoes, now the "cool" thing to wear.
Still ugly.
"Check out the dyke with the birkenstocks!"
"OMG Becca, I just bought these $80 birkenstocks at Abercrombie and Fitch!!"
by AS March 09, 2005
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