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When a girl is on the pill meaning she can have sex.
Hey,there's sheila i heard shes on the pill so shes open for business.
by APU & The Stooge August 11, 2011
Definition 1: A Free Crack Giveaway at 5 o'clock.

Definition 2: A really good deal

Definition 3: An Out-of-Control Party
ex. 1: A five o'clock free crack give away, wow , that's a low price!

ex. 2: A free car? That's a five o'clock free crack give away

ex. 3: Jesus, this partie's like a 5 o'clock free crack give a way.
by APU & The Stooge July 18, 2011
When a bunch of people take a crap in a toilet when the owner isn't home. So it's filled to the brim with crap.
Honey, why is the toilet full of shit?

Jimmy and his friends must have been full bowling again!
by APU & The Stooge August 12, 2011
What Chuck Norris puts in his Wheaties
Hey What are you puttin' in your cereal.
Oh just some awesomesauce.
by APU & The Stooge August 05, 2011
a hardcore motorboat, a motorboat that would leave men awestruck and mind-blown
Sherri blew my mind with that carwash last night.
by APU & The Stooge January 28, 2012
your secondary of a secondary or third thing to fall back on.
since i was out of ammo on my secondary i switched to my tripodary.
by APU & The Stooge January 28, 2012

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