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A group in america that fights for the rights of animals.

Sort of similar to PETA( people for the ethical treatment of animals).

But, it is different from PETA because the ALF is way more hardcore than PETA.

The Animal liberation front will burn down houses, businesses, buildings, they will steal animals from zoos, testing labs, and any other places that have animals.

Because of all the destruction that the ALF has caused, it was named a terrorist group.

another group that is similar to the ALF is the ELF, which is the earth liberation front.
guy 1: I work for peta
guy 2: really, you guys are awesome
guy 1: thanks, what do you work for??
guy 2: the animal liberation front
guy 1: REALLY!!!! you guys rock!!
guy 2: thanks
guy 1: the people at peta will give you more money and help you out some more
guy 2: THANKS!!!!!! I hope the goverment doesn't suspect us working together again, or we will be toast!!!
guy 1: yeah, but that won't happen again.
guy 2: okay, tell Ingrid I said hi
guy 1: okay, bye
guy 2: bye.....

animal liberation front is somewhat dangerous, but only dangerous to people that will mess with animals.
by ANY NAME I WANT TO BE June 19, 2008
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