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A scene kid is a spin-off of "emo". You started seeing scene kids around when people started getting sick of the whole "depressed emo" thing. Scene kids are somewhat like emos; they may be into the same type of music, wear the same clothes and make-up and have similar hair but scene kids take away the whole depressed thing. They are much happier and bolder than emos (or example wearing leopard print or bright colours) They also can wear, for example tracksuits and clothes sterotyped to be "chav clothes" as they are challenging the chav look, from the time where chavs and emos were "at war". Scene kids also so "two stepping" dancing at gigs and in mosh pits, which can be rather comical and different to gain a range of attention.
"huh, whats with that emo there in trackies and dancing like a weirdo in the mosh pit?"
"hey that's no emo. that's a scene kid"
by ANONYMOUSX3 February 26, 2007

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