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A classic muscle car between 1967-2000 (the new one is slated for 2009)It is one of the most recognized muscle cars there is and if you've ever been to a car show you know it stands out in a crowd.
Not only associated with redneck's and their haircuts, which gives it a bad name (and anyone who knows anything about cars would know that !!!) It is one of the most sought after classic muscle cars in the gear heads world and the only ones associated with rednecks are the 1987-2000 models, that aren't taken care of properly and are improperly modified. It's main competitor is the pony car counterpart the Mustang, which is just as good
He sold his fully restored classic '69 Camaro for $50,000 (Don't think he was a redneck)
by AMannar September 25, 2008

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