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An insult slightly more insulting than "butthole!".
GF: Wanna play Monopoly?
BF: pfft. FAGLOID!!
by AManWithAFace February 03, 2010
Fagaloid is to fagloid as donkey-punch is to regular punch.
Dude 1: omg omg omg have you guys heard the new brit spears song?!
Dude 2: wot. freakin' fagaloid!
by AManWithAFace February 21, 2010

Like if PWN and LOL got together and they F*CKED!... P'LOL would be their baby.

Partial credit to Kyle Bone for the creation of this acro. -J
Coat Owner Guy: Somebody sh*t on or around the coats..
Coat Sh*tter Guy (or girl*): p'lol!!!

*prly not girl.
by AManWithAFace September 15, 2009

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